Latest Star Ocean 5 English Trailers Details Characters and Gameplay

Coming up on its release next month, Square Enix is pushing out various gameplay footage to get fans hyped. This time, they have released four new trailers for the upcoming Japanese RPG, highlighting both characters and gameplay elements.

Most of these trailers were released earlier this year for the Japanese version, but Square Enix USA has spliced together English footage to appeal to the new market. Firstly is Emerson, the crossbow slinging archer who has seen his share of battles. The other character is the brawler Anne, an acquaintance of Emerson who deals in hand to hand combat.

The final two trailers detail in the depth of the different gameplay systems, along with peek at the sandy desert world of Trei’kur. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will be available for PS4 on June 28 in North America.