New Dual Universe Screenshots Released

Today, Paris studio Novaquark reveals screenshots of their debut game Dual Universe. Dual Universe is described as a ” boundless MMO”. All players will be able to navigate the game’s world without any separate zone areas, instances or boundaries. Potentially millions of players can occupy the game’s world at a time. This game will also have an entire modifiable world that the players can shape through such actions as digging, crafting and deployment.

Dual Universe pits players on the planet of Alioth, where they try to establish civilization to the abandoned planet, but players will be able to travel to other planets through the arkship. This galactic games was formed by a team comprised of former Ubisoft, Sony, Apple and Aldebaran Robotics employees. Novaquark is based in Paris, France. Dual Universe currently doesn’t have a release date, but an alpha demonstrating the game’s planetary engine and CSSC will be out in early 2017.