‘No Man’s Sky’ Delayed?

While it is only a rumor that the newest Minecraft-esque game from developer Hello Games has been delayed, it doesn’t really come as a surprise.  No Man’s Sky, originally set to release later next month, was meant to give players the feel of total control in an open universe where the planets that you go to and the things that you encounter are yours and yours alone.  According to a source from both Kotaku and Gamestop, the game is no longer set to be released on June 21.  Apparently, marketing was received that instructed associates to cover the release date with a ‘coming soon’ pop-on until further communication has been made.

Whether the delay is real or not has yet to be confirmed but with a game that needed to build in-game satellites just to keep up with everyone’s discoveries, it’s sort of hard to deny that we all didn’t see this coming.  Hopefully, these are simply just rumors and the game will be released on time though it doesn’t look too likely with how close this rumor and the release date are.

No Mans Sky Delayed