Score Rush Extended Escapes the Xbox 360 Indie Games Channel to Live on PS4

It’s always good to see another game escape Xbox Live Indie Games, and the latest to be given a new lease on life is Score Rush Extended.  Score Rush was a twin-stick bullet hell vertical shooter with a clear, simple art style that didn’t need to be very intricate thanks to the huge volumes of bullets filling every square inch of screen space.  Score Rush Extended gives the enemies a bit more detailing but, like the original version, it’s going to be hard to pay too much attention as the bullet patterns fly and screen-shaking explosions tear across the firing zone.

One of the driving mechanics of the game is that, while the scoring system is competitive, it’s also very simple.  The object is to kill as much as possible, as fast as possible, and everything is tuned to that need.  Combos and other fancy mechanics are out, and assuming you can kill things quickly your score will be an indication of how far you got, rather than how well you exploited a system.  There’s also multiplayer for up to four players, and even a mode where each of the players controls two ships at once, each ship of which is capable of carrying along 32 mini-fighter options for a seriously packed screen of firepower.  Score Rush Extended releases this Tuesday, May 31, and the leaderboard frenzy should be sheer madness.