Steampunk Action Game ‘Edge of Twilight’ is 10 Years in the Making

With a shaky development history, developer Fuzzyeye’s Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory spent ten years in development. Initially abandoned when the team’s original publisher went out of business, Fuzzyeyes eventually reacquired the rights to the title in 2013. They were then picked up by a Japanese publisher where they were able to finish development. Unfortunately, due to concerns on the game’s appeal to audiences, the game never actually got published and distributed. Developer Fuzzyeyes has now gone to IndieGoGo to raise funds for a publishing license. It is sad to see a game take so long, get finished, and never actually get released.

Edge of Twilight is a hack and slash action adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world. The player-character protagonist is a bounty hunter named Lex who gets caught in a conflict between warring civilizations, the Atherns and the Lithern, who do battle over a singular resource. The game itself is built on a customized Unreal Engine 3. Gameplay follows a combo-based hack and slash format in a vein similar to God of War. The primary funding goal is to get the game published so it can at least hit PC. The subsequent funding stretch goals will put it on last-gen consoles, and eventually the current-generation systems.

See the IndieGoGo promo video for the game below. Those who want to support the game can find the IndieGoGo page here.