Boy Attempts to Stop Robbery at GameStop

When one visits a video game store it is often a joyous occasion with arrivals of new games or merchandise. However, one family will never forget the ordeal they encountered when picking out a toy at a Silver Springs, Maryland GameStop location.

As a husband, wife, their 7-year-old son, and two employees were the only ones inside the store at the time when two masked men entered armed with guns. One of the robbers ordered the couple and employees to the floor while the other had to fight off the little boy. With a Yoshi doll in hand, the young hero whacked the suspect a couple of times before being thrown to his parents. He acted bravely, invoking his inner Smash Bros. as seen in the grainy surveillance image below.


After stealing cash, the suspects fled and have not yet been caught. Nobody was seriously injured during the incident. You can view the report, security camera footage, and contact information on WUSA9. This crime occured on May 20 with the story being released recently.

Source: The Washington Post