Devolver Digital Reveals Online Combat RPG Absolver

It’s no secret that Devolver Digital has become quite the beloved publisher over the past few years, thanks to their eye for intriguing indie games with potential and the will to support and help release a wide variety of them across all genres. So far they’ve successfully dabbled in first-person puzzlers, mobile platformers, point-and-click graphic adventures, and revivals of ’90s first-person shooters, among many others. So presumably, while sitting atop his Conan-style throne made of melted video game cartridges covered in gold, CEO Fork Parker pondered what area of gaming to conquer next.

“Online RPGs,” he realized before downing the rest of his goblet of wine, throwing it to the ground, and leaving to make an announcement, resulting in the reveal trailer for Absolver seen below.

Absolver, as mentioned, is an online combat RPG crafted by Paris-based developers Sloclap. You play as one of the masked prospects for the titular Absolvers, elite combatants who maintain stability in the world. The game promises unique stories generated through actions with other players and characters, highly customizable fighters with different combat styles, weapons, and attacks to choose from, intense solo and three-on-three melee battles, and both traditional dungeons to trek through and PvP battle arenas.

Absolver is due out in 2017 for PC and consoles, and certainly looks promising indeed. But for those of you wondering about the gameplay, you won’t have to wait much longer, as Devolver Digital will have hands-on demos of it showcased at E3. Naturally, we at Hardcore Gamer will be there to deliver our possible further thoughts on it when the time comes, so stay tuned.