Man of Action Reveals New Mega Man Design for Animated Series

So we learned recently that Dentsu Entertainment and Man of Action were indeed moving forward with their plans for an animated series based on the much-beloved series of Mega Man games. Today, along with the news that DHX Media will also be helping to produce and develop the cartoon, we got our first glimpse of Man of Action’s design of the iconic character that you can see below, and…well, let’s just say it might not have been the best idea to reveal this after yesterday’s news that already left a good chunk of the fanbase angry.


Needless to say, the reactions so far have not been positive, criticizing everything from the Tron lines to the smirk. As a personal opinion, it doesn’t look like too bad of a design on its own, but as a redesign of such a classic gaming icon, it feels needlessly over-detailed, pointless, and has the whiff of being run through a marketing group applying what they think kids today want. Why they had to change a character that was already kid-friendly as is (and already prominent among younger fanbases thanks to the Archie comic) for this cartoon is a mystery.

In addition, we have more details about the series’ setup itself that were revealed to us. Mega Man here will have the alter ego of Aki Light, a schoolboy robot who transforms into his armor when action calls. This brings to mind the short-lived Dreamwave comics which had a similar setup, and that was executed quite fine, so that’s a good sign. On the other hand, they also plan to include returning and new characters including one called Mega Mini, bringing a tiny sidekick to mind, which is not so much a good sign.

Now obviously, none of these initial designs or details will be indicative of the final product. And obviously, the majority of the internet will ignore this basic fact in favor of completely condemning the final product solely based on initial designs and details, because common sense sadly gets overridden in these cases. Still, it’s hard not to feel like this isn’t the best step forward for what should be a triumphant return for the Blue Bomber.