Meet Pendles, Battleborn’s Latest Hero

Gearbox Software have revealed the next hero for Battleborn, Pendles.

Pendles is an anthropomorphic reptile from the water world of Akopos, and is pals with Alani. Gearbox describes him as a cold-blooded killer capable of sneaking up on enemies. It definitely sounds like Pendles will be a stealth character capable of dealing poison damage and disappearing without a trace. His weapon of choice are dual kamas.

Pendles Battleborn

Pendles, the 27 Battleborn hero, is set to release sometime in the coming months. Like Alani, players can access Pendles for free by using in-game currency. A total of 47,500 credits will be required to unlock him. Those who purchased the Battleborn Season Pass can unlock him with one of the five Hero Keys provided. Expect to learn more about Pendles and his unique abilities in the near future.

Battleborn is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Alani, the first DLC character for Battleborn, is available now for owners of the Digital Deluxe and Season Pass holders, and those that participated in the PS4 Open Beta. She will be available for all players starting May 31.