Ubisoft Publishes List of Known Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2 Issues

Tom Clancy’s The Division Update 1.2, also known as Conflict, added a lot of new content, and bunch of new problems.

The Division is not very lucky. With each new update, the game’s problems seem to multiply. Conflict, which added a new Incursion, ushered in a whole host of new problems for Ubisoft to sort out. The publisher has released a list of ten known issues introduced with Conflict. Thankfully, known of these bugs are exploits and players will not be banned should they run into any of them. The bugs are categorized based on what they effect in-game.

  • High Value Targets Farming (Gameplay)
  • Electronics store teleport (Gameplay)
  • Daily High Value Targets reset (Gameplay)
  • No Critical Search & Destroy (Gameplay)
  • Double UI Overlay (Interface)
  • Graphics distortion (Technical)
  • Mark as Junk not working (User Interface)
  • Items DZ rank requirement change (User Interface)
  • One is None (Gameplay)
  • DZ06 teleport (Gameplay)

These bugs join a growing list of issues that Ubisoft and developer Ubisoft Massive are attempting to solve. Falling through the map, Daily Challenges not resetting, and lag performance in the Dark Zone are issues still waiting to be resolved. Neither the developer or publisher have released a timeline for when we can expect to see fixes implemented. Hopefully soon as the first big paid expansion, Underground, is set for release in June.