Rising Star Games Wants You to Design One of Bitmap Bureau’s 88 Heroes

Have you ever wanted to see one of your own creations in a video game? Do you have dreams of dabbling in professional character design? Are you still peeved that the Robot Master you sent to Nintendo Power for a contest nearly two dozen years ago has still gone unnoticed? Then does Rising Star Games have the opportunity for you!

Rising Star Games, you see, will be the publisher for developer Bitmap Bureau’s new game 88 Heroes, a 2D sprite-based platformer where you have to traverse 88 levels in 88 seconds each as you control 88 different heroes in their quest to stop the evil Dr. H8 from destroying the world with 88 nuclear warheads. Each time you die or begin a new level, you switch to another hero with their own unique set of skills. And crafting the 88th hero is where you come in.

Just head over to Rising Star Games’ website to get the details, then craft your hero and send it to comp@risingstargames.com or tweet it to the game’s Twitter account. If you win, you get to have your design as a playable character in the game. And if you need extra inspiration, you can check out the latest trailer for 88 Heroes below. It looks quite the promising little platforming romp indeed, so here’s hoping those of you who are particularly creative get to contribute towards it.