WayForward’s Cat Girl Without Salad Included in June’s Humble Monthly Bundle

Okay, time for a slight history lesson: Back in 2013, popular indie developers WayForward announced that they would be creating a new game called Cat Girl Without Salad, which consisted of a bounty hunter/chef and her team of calamari taking down the NekoNekoNeko clan in a puzzle/platformer/shooter/rhythm/horror/fighting/visual novel/et cetera/et cetera game to be released on every platform imaginable.

The whole thing was an April Fool’s joke, with only a single mock screenshot and a few fake assets released. However, it turned out that this would be one of those April Fool’s jokes that had the side effect of people legitimately wanting the real product after all was said and done. So despite being a one-off joke, Cat Girl Without Salad developed a bit of a following, with a good chunk of tribute art for main character Kebako and her Calamarites popping up over the years, despite no actual game existing.

Just recently, though, this tweet appeared…

…Accompanied by a similar blog post on WayForward’s official tumblr site. Yes, Cat Girl Without Salad will now be reality, set to be included with June’s Humble Monthly bundle as the Humble Original inclusion. No word yet on what the actual version of the game will play like now, or if the game will be released to non-Humble Monthly subscribers later, but this should definitely be a sight to behold when it comes out next week.

If you’re curious about picking up Cat Girl Without Salad ASAP, you can subscribe to Humble Monthly and grab it in the next bundle for $12. It also comes with a host of other games including Rocket League, as mentioned before, so you really can’t go wrong there. You only have a week before the bundle comes out on June 3, though, so act fast.