Minecraft Console Editions Getting Free Battle Mode

Mojang announced via its blog that all console editions of its uber-popular building game Minecraft will receive a free update to include the new Battle mode.

From Mojang’s description, Battle mode seems like a fun, casual diversion from the main game. It’s a competitive multiplayer mode that has players fighting for survival by collecting weapons and resources and apparently even needing to contend with hunger. When you die, you don’t get to respawn again with a new life and a chance to win, but you do get to turn into a bat and fly around annoying the people who killed you, which seems like a pretty good tradeoff.

Mojang said it wants Battle mode to be a fast-paced minigame for everyone to enjoy, so it supports eight players online or four locally in splitscreen mode.

The mode will be free and available in June. There will be three maps in the initial pack, though later packs will be sold at $2.99 each.