New ‘Caligula’ Gameplay Trailer Released

While Caligula will only be released in Japan as of June 23 exclusively on the PS Vita, that doesn’t mean that fans on the West coast can’t enjoy the newly released gameplay trailer.  The game revolves around a group of people that enter a virtual reality program called the Mobius that allows its users to enter a high school setting to escape the pains of the real world.

The protagonist creates a club in the school known as the ‘Going Home Club’ that realizes that they are in thie virtual reality and are set on opposing it as well as the vocal overseer that is only known as ‘μ’.  While they are opposing the program, there is another club at the school called the ‘Ostinato Musicians’ that see them as traitors and wish to see their downfall.

You can check out the trailer for the game below: