Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2 for Splatoon Coming Soon

Announced more than a month ago was the first batch of new weapons coming to Splatoon. Now, Sheldon is at it again with his second volume of eight different ink-flinging mini-guns, rifles, and more. They will offer more strategic options in combat.

Based on the box image below, we know the types of firearms that are to come. They include a new Blaster, Nozzlenose, Charger, Splatling, Splash-o-matic, N-ZAP, Aerospray and Roller. Currently, the names are not known nor have the sub weapons and specials been announced.

You will get to try out all the new toys on June 7 but more information will come even sooner. It’s a nice way to celebrate Splatoon’s first birthday.