Ibuki Revealed for Street Fighter V

Last night at the Combo Breaker fighting game tournament, Capcom revealed the latest character to be added to Street Fighter V, Ibuki. Like many of the game’s returning cast, Ibuki is given a new costume, going with a school girl aesthetic mixed in with her ninja gear. Ibuki plays similarly to her Street Fighter III and IV appearances, but she has a few new techniques added to her repertoire. She can now throw her kunais on the ground adding to the projectile game, a glide that looks similar to Dhalsim’s float, and most noticeably a bomb projectile that can be used for set ups or as a combo extender. With her new moves Ibuki looks like she’ll be an even more vicious rushdown character in this game with great mobility, combo potential and mix ups to keep the opponent guessing.

Ibuki first appeared in Street Fighter III and returned in Super Street Fighter IV making this her third appearance in the main series and fourth including Street Fighter X Tekken. Ibuki joins Alex and Guile to the DLC roster, with Balrog, Juri and Urien scheduled next. Ibuki is currently not available for download, but the past two DLC characters were released at the end of the month that they were revealed, with only one day left of May she could be arriving tomorrow, but if not players should expect her to be playable sometime this June to go along with the free DLC Story Mode.