PGS Lab Announces PGS Portable PC/Smartphone Hybrid

The smartphone era has changed gaming, while the rise of PC gaming into the mainstream has changed that market. PGS Lab has announced an all-new device that seeks to merge both of those markets together – the PGS. It is both a portable PC and a smartphone that runs Windows for PC gaming, and also runs Android for the smartphone aspects. Like PlayStation phones, this device will have a sliding display – only instead of just revealing a controller, it will reveal a second screen alongside a controller. The top layer looks like a traditional smartphone, and the bottom layer is your gaming device.

It features a d-pad and four face buttons on the front alongside two sticks underneath them akin to a Dual Shock controller setup. Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game streaming will be on the device as well. There will be two version fo the hardware – the Lite and the Hardcore. They have the same GPU, CPU, and chipset – but the Hardcore has more memory, internal storage, GPS built-in, and a higher quality screen. The Lite’s analog sticks will be closer to the device as well, whle the Hardcore’s will be telescopic and slightly raised for increased comfort. No release date has been set for the device, but the official site shows that pre-orders are coming soon. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the PGS, as emerging tech like this can really change gaming’s future if it is done right.