The Final Station Wants You to Make Horrifying Decisions

The world has ended. There’s nothing left to live for. All you can do now is survive.

That’s the setup to The Final Station, a bleak post-apocalyptic game from Do My Best Games and published by tinyBuild. In The Final Station, you’re a survivor. It’s your identity, your life, your only leftover purpose. Now you simply ride a train for as long as you can to stay alive.

The Final Station is billing itself as a game similar to 2014’s This War of Mine, a survival game set during the Bosnian War. It forced players to make impossible, grueling decisions that tested the limits of their humanity. The Final Station is aiming to do something similar. Your train runs on nuclear fusion, but keeps running out of fuel, forcing you to venture out into a dangerous world filled with zombies to collect supplies. Along the way, you can find other survivors, each of whom you can invite onto your train. Many of these survivors will possess a specific skill to make themselves useful, but ultimately, the more people you invite onto the train, the harder it will be for you to survive.

You see, food is a scarcity in The Final Station, so you’re not just scavenging for fuel. You need to feed yourself and any survivors you bring onboard, so you’re going to want to be a little choosy with your invites. All the same though, The Final Station is hoping to make that choice a little harder by appealing to your sense of sympathy. The world is not in a good place at all, everyone is in quite a rough spot, and it’s going to be hard to turn your back on a survivor who has just explained why they’re trapped in a horrifying situation and how your train could save them. It’ll be tough for most players to turn them away.

But sometimes, you’re going to have to screw people over if you want to live. Every survivor you find in the world will be friendly at the outset, but you’re still going to want to take a hard look at their character. Many survivors will be perfectly safe to bring onboard, but sometimes you’ll run into a survivor who rants about the government’s role in the cataclysm and becomes paranoid. The hard choices the game forces you to make will extend to how to deal with survivors onboard the train, as well. If you’re running low on food, you’re going to need to pick and choose who to give it to, much to the chagrin of the other survivors. And if you have a particularly rowdy bunch, a situation like a power failure that forces you to reroute power from their cabin to keep the train rolling will suddenly shut off their lights, cause them to freak out and incite bad behavior or fighting.

There’s of course a mystery to unravel in The Final Station. As you travel through the wasteland, you might notice, for instance, that while the area on one side of a tunnel was desecrated by the unknown disaster, the other side of the tunnel remains intact and idyllic. Clues like that will build over time and you’ll start to piece together what happened, where the enemy creatures came from and what, exactly, is located at the final station. You can map your own route there, but there’s only one destination.

The Final Station will hit Steam this summer as well as a planned release for consoles.