WWE 2K17 Available for Pre-order

Huge wrestling fans have enjoyed video game versions of their favorite WWE Superstars showing off all kinds of slams, suplexes, and slobber knockers. The next title in the series of WWE video games is now available for pre-order on WWE’s shop site.

The upcoming game boasts realistic graphics, authentic gameplay, and a huge roster of former and current WWE and NXT stars. Wrestlers of the past and present will duke it out for championship gold. The last 2K game was well-received and holds the place for 2K17 to build an even better experience.

WWE 2K17 is listed for pre-order on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. So far there is no listing for a PC version nor is there cover athlete revealed but there are plenty to choose from. The game is currently set to stock on December 31, 2016.

[UPDATE]* It’s been revealed during the May 30 airing of WWE Raw that the game will launch in October and include Goldberg as a playable character.