Four Game Modes Overwatch Should Add

Overwatch has been out for a week now and it’s great. The game sports a good amount of content and the allure of free DLC is strong. As it stands, Overwatch shipped with 21 unique characters, 12 multiplayer maps and 4 game modes, and there are more than enough characters to keep players engaged. Though I would have liked a few more maps, the twelve on offer are very well-designed. It’s really the lack of game modes that shape Overwatch’s content problem. There are only four (Assault, Escort, Assault/Escort, and Control) and one of those is merely a hybrid of two modes.

Blizzard has already confirmed that new characters and maps will be added to the game for free, but the only game mode they’ve committed to releasing is a ranked Competitive Play mode. There are so many other game modes out there and here are four that should be incorporated into Overwatch.

Overwatch 01

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch seems like a no-brainer as it is a staple game mode in the genre. While it’s popular in Call of Duty and Battlefield, could a Team Deathmatch mode work in Overwatch? Yes, it actually could. Like with any other mode in Overwatch, teamwork is paramount, and it is possible to turn Team Deathmatch into a teamwork focused mode. While some teams may opt to go on the offense and choose all offense heroes, a clever team will switch things up. Tank heroes could shield allies and soak up damage, protecting offensive heroes as they garner kills. Support heroes would be perfect for kill denials and buffing others, while defense heroes could be used to create chokepoints and set traps. There’s potential for every hero to contribute in Team Deathmatch, making it a mode Blizzard should seriously consider including.

Overwatch 03


Three points on a map with six players per team vying to control them. Domination has always been about dividing forces and trying to maintain at least two of the three points. This does seem like the perfect game mode for Overwatch, tasking players with picking and choosing the best points to attack and defend. Teams would need to be crafted carefully. A team focused too much on defense may only end up with one point throughout the majority of the match. A team completely focused on offense may capture points, but will likely lose them quickly. Much like Team Deathmatch, Conquest/Domination plays well to the different types of heroes. Offense would be most useful at clearing paths with Tank heroes covering them. Defense heroes would be best at keep controlled points safe, while support heroes would do their best to keep allies alive. Conquest/Domination is a consistently fun mode in other games, and would fit into Overwatch quite well.

Overwatch 02

Capture the Flag

Another staple of the genre, Capture the Flag has been around for decades. If there’s one thing missing from Overwatch’s game modes, its giving both teams an objective that puts them on offense and defense. We have Control where both teams attack and try to hold onto a specific point on the field, but we don’t have anything that puts both teams on offense and defense at the same time. Capture the Flag would be interesting in Overwatch as teams would need to be crafted to support a hero capable of grabbing the flag and surviving long enough to take it back to base. For balancing purposes, Blizzard may have to remove the carrier’s ability to use weapons and specials, similar to what happens in Halo. Winston or Zarya, who both have a large amount of health, could easily grab the flag with Lucio or Mercy backing them up with some healing. I could also see offense characters working well this mode due to their increased speed though they would need some buffing from support and tank heroes due to their low health.

Overwatch 04


This has always been the most competitive of game modes. Players only have one life and need to win a majority of five matches. No mode has ever sounded so perfect for Overwatch, a game that prides itself on its depth. Players would need to craft the perfect teams, know every crevice of every map and team up with allies willing to cooperate. This could be a truly thrilling game mode thanks to the unique characters and their special abilities. Imagine, Reinhardt could be using his shield to cover an opening, Soldier 76 stands behind him firing bullets are any who dare approach the opening. The enemy team’s Junkrat finds an opening and lobs grenades, quickly breaking down the shield and dispersing the two characters. Tracer quickly dashes in and ruins Soldier 76, leaving the more difficult Reinhardt to her teammates. With those two heroes gone, the enemy team only has to hunt down four more. There are so many interesting scenarios Elimination could provide and it would be thrilling to see them happen.