Metroidvania Game Greedy Guns Seeks Support on Kickstarter

For ages now, we have asked the question of why we haven’t made a metroidvania game out of the likes of Metal Slug or Gunstar Heroes yet. And if we haven’t been asking that question, then in retrospect, we should have. But whatever the case, Portugese developers Tio Atum are now answering the question with their new action game Greedy Guns, currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Featuring 360º aiming and shooting, old-school action, a huge world to explore, co-op gameplay, and a ton of impressive enemies and bosses, Greedy Guns looks damn impressive so far indeed. This will be Tio Atum’s first dedicated PC game after years of experience working on mobile games, and it looks like this new step in their career is already shaping up to be successful, as the campaign has already secured over forty-five percent of its £10,000 fundraising goal in less than a day. For those of you seeking more info, you can out the Greedy Guns Kickstarter page (where you can grab a demo of the game) or watch the Kickstarter video below. If you like what see, chip in, and you’ll be able to help gamers everywhere join in on the greed when the game gets funded.