Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Announced for 3DS

Developer and publisher Natsume have today announced the latest title in the Harvest Moon series and it’s sub-titled: Skytree Village. Launching for the Nintendo 3DS, the game will be set in a new locale referred to as Oasis of the Harvest Goddess where the once prosperous land has began to suffer as a result of the Harvest Goddess’ power gradually waning. It’s up to the player, Nastume explain, to revive the seven Skytrees in order to give the Harvest Goddess her power back, and, in turn, bring life back to the Oasis.

Speaking on the new game, Producer of the Harvest Moon series, Taka Maekawa explained that the team “revisited each and every part of what makes a Harvest Moon game, and are excited at the end result.” He also confirmed that the game will also be present at this year’s upcoming E3, so expect plenty more details to come out around the time. So far, no release date/window has been given as to when fans should expect the new Harvest Moon title.