Release Date and Guest Stars Announced for ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’

Editor’s Note: Before reading this review, we highly recommend checking out our review for Episode One: The Order of the Stone,  Episode 2: Assembly Required,Episode 3: The Last Place You LookEpisode 4: A Block and a Hard Place,  and Episode 5: Order Up! as there are spoilers ahead.

We were all alittle bit surprised when it was announced that Jessie and his friends would be taking on an adventure that lasted an additional three episode in Telltale Games’s Minecraft: Store Mode.  What was originally only supposed to be five episodes long has become a fan favorite among fans of the Minecraft series and has since developed into more than what was intended.  Now, Telltale Games has finally announced who will be featured in the newest episode, A Portal to Mystery, and when the release date is going to be.  As of June 7, fans will finally be able to play as the new Order of the Stone and join Jesse and his friends in their newest adventuring featuring a few familiar voices.

Famous Youtubers within the Minecraft community will be voicing their very own characters from their Minecraft videos to aid The Order of the Stone in this new journey.  These voice actors include Joseph Garrett as Stampy Cat, Stacy Hinojosa as Stacy Plays, Dan Middleton as DanTDM, Lizzie Dwyer as LDShadowLady, and Jordon Maron as CaptainSparklez.  The story follows Jessie through a portal that leads to a new word that is completely infested by zombies.  The Order is then invited to take refuge in a spooky mansion where they meet the Youtube stars, throwing themselves in a new mystery for fans to play through.

This new announcement will definitely bring back fans who have played through the first five episodes as well as new fans who are familiar with the Youtube stars.  The episode itself will be priced at $4.99 while the Adventure Pack, featuring Episodes 6, 7, and 8, will come to a total of $14.99.

Check out the newest screenshots and behind the scenes interview below: