See How Those Huge Overwatch Action Figures Were Made in New Trailer

A new video on Overwatch UK’s YouTube channel shows how the three gigantic action figures were constructed and just how many people it took to put this ad campaign together.

Blizzard constructed three of the characters from the game, Pharah, Tracer and Genji, using a mixture of 3D printing and manual construction/painting. The statues stand fifteen feet tall, not including their action figure-esque packaging. Each character features light up parts and a vocal line from the game.

Tracer was placed in Los Angeles, Genji was seen in Paris and Pharaoh made her appearance in Busan, South Korea.

There has been no word on whether Blizzard will make actual action figures that people can buy, but they are known for having great merchandising plans for their games, so who knows. Stay tuned for more Overwatch coverage in the months to come.