Vivendi Complete Takeover of Ubisoft’s Mobile Publisher Gameloft

French media corporation Vivendi have successfully completed what’s been seen as a hostile takeover of Gameloft — the mobile game developer and publisher set-up by Michel Guillemot, the brother of Ubisoft’s head Yves Guillemot. It was only recently in February of this year that Vivendi began attempts to take full control of Gameloft by offering share holders in the company a higher price in the shares than what they currently were on the market and now Vivendi own an exact 50% share in the company, making them the majority share-holder and thus official owners.

In a letter addressed to Gameloft employees, Vivendi explained that they were “convinced that Gameloft, with Vivendi’s backing, can be more ambitious in its growth plans. In a rapidly-evolving market, your company, which needs industrial and financial backing to develop, will be able to count on our full support and commitment.” What exactly they’re referring to when speaking about growth plans is unknown, but it hasn’t stopped the corporation continuing their efforts to take Ubisoft as well. Currently, Vivendi own nearly 18% in Ubisoft’s total shares. Regardless of your personal and gaming stance on Ubisoft as a developer/publisher/company, as we’ve covered previously, a hostile take-over could have serious repercussions.