Big News for Neverwinter Fans

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios dropped a couple of interesting pieces of news regarding Neverwinter today. The first is their announcement of Storm King’s Thunder, the tenth expansion for the free-to-play MMORPG juggernaut.

This newest campaign takes place in the North as players travel to Bryn Shander and the Ten Towns. It seems that there is a troubling insurgence of frost giants permeating the area. As the denizens are not keen on living in a Finntroll album cover, they’d kind of like that to end as quick as possible. Fortunately, players will not be forced to solve this problem alone. Staple characters from Dungeons & Dragons lore, such as Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Harshnag, will be on hand to lend aid.

As this is Cryptic and Perfect World, the expansion is not content to just drop hours of new story quests to complete. True to form, other additions can be found. These include a new dungeon tier to test a party’s mettle, and even more high level equipment to earn. PC players will be able to download this new free expansion in August, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will see it at a later date.


Oh, yeah. That last bit. PlayStation 4 will finally be seeing Neverwinter releasing to the marketplace this summer. Set to include all nine current expansions, including The Maze Engine, Perfect World and Cryptic are set to catch Sony fans up in one fell swoop.

This last is great news for me, personally. While many people have reported differently, Microsoft’s network tends to be pretty laggy for me while Sony’s box runs smooth as silk. Even after much troubleshooting, this issue cannot be resolved. So, having this behemoth of a game drop on my box of choice is really exciting. Sure, I’ll need to start over, but the campaigns are good enough that I’m pretty excited about the prospect.

PlayStation players can expect some deep stats to min/max, copious loads of loot, and a good mix of classic MMO quests along with some interesting variations to keep things enticing. Best of all, it remains entirely free to play, meaning a PlayStation Plus subscription won’t be required to travel the Sword Coast.