Explore the Land of Alola in New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer

Following last month’s huge Pokémon announcements of the starters and plenty of gameplay footage came even more news for the upcoming games. It was revealed today the names of the legendary Pokémon, characters, and more as you get to see some of the inhabitants of the Alola region with the latest trailer.

It has been confirmed the Pokémon Sun mascot is named Solgaleo and it is a Pyschic/Steel-type. It has the ability Full Metal Body which seems to prevent its stats from lowering. It jumps to the air and unleashes its signature move Sunsteel Strike. Then we meet Lunala, the Psychic/Ghost-type. It has the Shadow Shield ability allowing it to receive less damage at full health. Lunala uses Moongeist Beam, which is most likely a Special Attack, to defeat its enemies.

Then you get to see more of the Alola region as it has been confirmed to be made up of multiple islands. The video shows trainers strolling through various areas in both day and night. We are officially introduced to Professor Kukui, your friendly rival Hau, and a new character named Lillie who is the professor’s assistant.

Finally, we meet a familiar face in Rotom! It seems to have possessed your Pokédex and will be able to help you during your journey. This could spell for a fun interaction between trainer and Pokémon, who knows if it will be able battle for you.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will launch on November 18 but there is sure to be more news in the near future. Take a look at the brand new trailer below to get excited for the release.