Pokémon Japan Offers Small Clips from Pokémon Sun and Moon

In addition to the brand new trailer that was released today, the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel has published several smaller clips offering a bit more detail on what’s to come. We have posted them all below and give a little snippet of information for each.

We are introduced to more locations of the Alola region, mostly the beach. There are residents lounging on the sand and playing in the water. Even Slowpoke seems to be having a good time! This clip even shows off a bit of the hustle and bustle of city.

Here we get a look inside Professor Kukui’s facility. Whether it’s his home or lab is hard to tell from the dilapidated exterior. The trainers are conversing with Kukui and his assistant Lillie inside and there is also a Luvdisc floating around in the background.

This is a close-up shot of Solgaleo. Hear its mighty roar before it takes to the sky and unleashes its Sunsteel Strike attack. You can see its mane spread out as it glows ready to battle.

Meet Hau, your friendly rival in Sun and Moon. This video cuts off after we see he’s chosen Popplio in this playthrough. We also see a couple of spectators in the background before the start of battle. Looks like one of them is standing by to offer delicious refreshments.

This is the aforementioned Lillie. She is Professor Kukui’s assistant and is considered a bit mysterious. She is seen carrying around a large duffle bag which we are curious to see inside. Perhaps she is a medical specialist and will heal your team whenever she gets the chance.

Lunala gets a closer look as well. This short clip features the legendary Pokémon emitting a hauntingly beautiful cry. Watch it bolt to the air and glow before taking out Gengar in a single hit using its Moongeist Beam.

Rotom makes a huge comeback in Sun and Moon as your brand new Pokédex. We aren’t sure of the extent this Pokémon will be able to help but it seems to come in handy. Not only will it record which Pokémon you’ve encountered, there is also a map function along the bottom.

Finally, we get another look at the male and female trainer sprites that we’ve seen before. There is not much new information in this clip but it is reconfirmed you will be able to select your own variation of the characters. At the end a battle is about to take place and we already know one trainer has captured three Pokémon but there is no way of knowing which ones.