Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder Announced

Well, you can’t say you were certainly expecting this sequel to suddenly be announced. The original Rock of Ages was was a solid game that came out in 2011, mixing together Super Monkey Ball-style gameplay with tower defense elements to create quite the unique experience as you smashed your way through history. But none of us really thought a sequel to it would appear out of the blue, yet five years later, here we are as developers ACE Team team up with Atlus yet again to bring us Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder.

This time around, ACE Team promises a wider variety of units to choose from and historical periods/art styles to plow through, improved physics and environment destruction, and multiplayer modes allowing up to four people to play against each other, all while maintaining the quirky tone and atmosphere the first game had. All of which you can get a peek at in the announcement trailer below. Rock of Ages II is currently due out this Fall, and while it may be a completely unexpected sequel, it looks like it could easily shape up to be an extremely pleasant surprise overall.