Tick Tock Bang Bang’s Teaser Trailer Chronal Chaos

It’s movie time!  Or rather, it’s time to create a movie, and the best way to do it is with huge action scenes and even huger-er explosions.  Tick Tock Bang Bang is the latest outpouring of high-color gaming madness from Dejobaan Games, best known for its AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! series, which can only be correctly spelled via the magic of copy/paste.  The latest from the eclectic developer, landing on Steam on May 9, is a semi-sequel to the story of the robot uprising that causes so much trouble in Boston in the far-flung future of 2032, Drunken Robot Pornography.  You play as a stuntwoman filming scenes from the movie documenting the destructive events, and if a little creative liberty is taken with the scenario then it’s simply to better serve the narrative.  There were probably hordes of suicide bomber robots running behind multi-ton dumptrucks tumbling towards your head and flanked by killer drones somewhere in the city, right?

That’s not a particularly survivable scenario even with pure gaming reflexes without a bit of help, and Tick Tock Bang Bang takes its inspiration from Max Payne and SuperHot.  Time slows to a near-freeze for a brief period where you can dodge and place a few well-aimed bullets, avoiding the truck and taking down the drones, and possibly coming up with a plan to take out the bomber-bots with a chain reaction afterwards.  Unlike SuperHot you can move while time crawls, but Dejobaan is aware that there will be more than a few comparisons to that other time-freeze game and even got the blessings of the developer to add an easter egg referencing it.  (Which probably won’t stop the Clone Defense Brigade from screaming its outrage from the ramparts, but one can hope.)  Survive the madness by stopping time, and if things aren’t quite crazy enough there’s even a level editor with Steam Workshop support to create your own over-the-top action scenes.  Movie making isn’t easy, but so long as the results are spectacular and you don’t end up as a smear on the ground it’s probably all worth it.