Bungie to Reveal New Destiny Expansion Next Week

Bungie is set to reveal the next big expansion for Destiny next week.

Destiny’s April update has come and gone, bringing some interesting new content to the game, but not enough to satisfy the hungry fans. It’s good then that Bungie is preparing to reveal the next big expansion for the game. Next week, the week before E3 2016 kicks off, Bungie will announce what the next big thing in Destiny is. The reveal stream will take place Thursday, June 9 at 10am. You’ll be able to watch it through Bungie’s Twitch channel.

It’s very likely that the reveal will be for Destiny: Rise of Iron. Details, including marketing materials, leaked a few weeks ago. According to sources, Rise of Iron will likely focus on the Cosmodrome, the Fallen, and the Iron Banner curator, Lord Saladin. It has also been said that while Rise of Iron will be bigger than the year one DLC, Dark Below and House of Wolves, it won’t be as big as last year’s major expansion, The Taken King. The expansion will come with a raid that’s been in development for over a year. Sources say that Bungie began working on the raid during summer 2015 with the intent of releasing it in the spring. Those plans, however, fell through.

Be sure to check back next week to learn about the future of Destiny.