June’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Rocket League, Planetary Annihilation, Wasted

Well, the first Friday of the month is here, and with it comes our “unboxing” of the latest Humble Monthly bundle, the service that delivers a virtual mystery box of games to you for twelve dollars a month. Unlike last month, there’s no unintentional theme this time around, though. But if one supposedly stretches it, you can say some of this month’s offerings represent the start of some traditional Summer activities: A fresh game of soccer, a hiking trip through the woods, a party with some friends and a few beers out in the desert, and the opportunity for boy scouts to earn their merit badges in communication and crafts.

Mind you, the game of soccer is being played by cars slamming into one another while trying to push a giant ball into a goal with this month’s headliner, sports game phenomenon Rocket League, the hiking trip involves surviving a plane plane crash and fending off cannibalistic mutants in the woodsy Early Access first-person survival horror game The Forest, the desert party is courtesy of a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by violent drunkards in the cel-shaded, roguelike-influenced FPS Wasted, notably making its Humble Monthly Debut here four days before its officially due out on Steam (so there’s a bonus), and those boy scouts will be communicating instructions in order to deconstruct and craft a way to disarm a bomb in the VR puzzle/party game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. So yeah, you might have to stretch things a little.

Of course, then things get confusing when the second half of the bundle is entirely about space. You have the massive real-time strategy game Planetary Annihilation: Titans, a standalone expansion for the original Planetary Annihilation and another headliner this month, the Crystal Edition of the acclaimed sci-fi roguelike defense and dungeon exploration game Dungeon of the Endless, old-school, rogulike-infused space shooter Steredenn, and this month’s Humble Original, mythical intergalactic shmup and former April Fool’s joke Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche, which notably says that this is the first taste of the franchise from developers WayForward, so it looks like we may have a hint that more CGWS games are in the works.

Wait a minute…four other games that place in far outer space or distant planets, among the stars…classic stargazing and astronomy while on a camping trip, HA! So Summer activities was the unintentional theme! Ironically, though, you won’t have much time for those actual activities when you’ll be spending all of your time playing these games. For those of you who want to join in on having some other games to prepare you for the eventual Summer lull, the ones who join now or pay early get to begin playing the first game revealed for July’s Humble Monthly bundle ASAP, which is the Early Access multiplayer survival FPS game Hurtworld. Not exactly as much of a highlight as previous reveals, but the July bundle will be dropping right during the legendary Steam Summer Sale, if the leaked dates are to be believed. Will Humble Monthly be a bit lighter that month due to Valve’s annual frenzy, or does it have an ace up its sleeve? We’ll just have to wait and see…