NA LCS Pros are Leaving Dynamic Queue Because of Matchmaking

Things just got a little messy for North American dynamic queue players as a lot of the pros are now leaving for their own server.

In a video uploaded by Xpecial, it seems players are finally done with having “awful matchmaking” and ping ruin their games. The final straw seemed to be the players bootcamping in Korea once again and constantly playing against other pros from Korea, China, and Taiwan.

For those of you who don’t know the ranking system, the high elo players are Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger. Inside of Platinum and Diamond are five sub groups for further ranking, so you have Platinum five to one and Diamond five to one. After that you just have Master 1 and then the top 200 players on the server are Challenger. In NA dynamic queue Challenger tier players most of the time have to wait in incredibly long queues and are then matched with players as far down as Diamond 2. According to Xpecial they just “really don’t want to play with them” because ” they aren’t good enough.”

Then there’s the problem of ping. In Korea, and formerly in California, ping is incredibly low. In NA, however, Riot moved their server from the east coast to Chicago to make ping more stable for players on the server as some had it so bad they could switch to the South American server and have a better connection. This move also brought the ire of the pro players as they were now playing on 60 to 80 ping.

So to fix the ping problem Riot allowed players to play on a sever called the North American Tournament Realm or NATR for short. Ping would be lower and only those in the LCS/NACS have access to it. That means games would be more competitive, in a sense, for them and they would have better conditions to play in. A major problem in getting this going, however, was that players are not allowed to stream these games meaning that’s a lot of money missing for the big name players, but is seems everyone is making the switch.

So either pros are going to start rarely playing on the NA dynamic queue setup opening up more spots in Challenger as they decay and lose their positions, or they’re going to start dipping in both pools. For more you can watch Xpecial’s video below.