Shenmue: The Movie Gets Fan-Made Remaster

With Shenmue III on the horizon, Shenmue has seen a resurgence in popularity after years of toiling in obscurity. Shenmue was an epic tale upon release – and was so large that it was actually turned into a fairly short movie in Japan given its length. It got a theatrical release in that territory, and was bundled with the Xbox version of Shenmue II that we recently covered – giving players of the sequel a chance to catch up on the plot if they missed the original game.

The brevity of the film worked to give fans a quick catch up, but did lose a lot. A new fan-made version of the movie adds in a lot of previously-missing content and brings the runtime to nearly five hours. This offers up a far more in-depth look at what the game offered, and showcases more of the in-game experience as well. The film is available now on Youtube, and should give those new to the franchise an idea of just what made Shenmue so special when it was first released – and how its storytelling has held up remarkably well over the years.