Super Weird Rick & Morty Instagram Game Gets Expansion

Adult Swim Games has launched an expansion for Rick & Morty: Rickstaverse, a game played entirely via Instagram. The expansion is called the “Interdimensional Cable Adventures.”

Rickstaverse is quite possibly the single oddest game we’ve seen in a long time — if you can really call it a “game,” of course. It’s comprised of over 120 Instagram accounts, with each account featuring maybe a dozen images or so all split from the same larger image. Each square section of the larger image might be tagged with a different Instagram account, allowing “players” to “warp” to new “locations.” It’s really not much more than a glorified picture hunt game, but still, points for originality. Books via Twitter, games via Instagram. It’s a brave new world.

If you’d like to play the new expansion, head on over to the starting Instagram account and get clicking.