New Splatoon Weapons Revealed Before Next Update

In a few days, Inkopolis receives several new goodies to play with. Sheldon is breaking out the next set of picks on June 7 but some of them were announced ahead of time. There are a few fun toys to try out with the update so take a look at them now to get a feel for things.

Get your hands on the Grim Range Blaster which really packs a punch and comes with Burst Bombs, the special weapon hasn’t been announced yet. Next is the Bento Splatterscope  with an attached scope for long-range attacks which will really come in handy for those not looking to get messy. There is also a non-scoped version called the Bento Splat Charger which has a Splash Wall to defend yourself as well as the Echolocator to track opponents. One more weapon being added is the N-ZAP ’83 that comes with Point Sensors to follow enemies and the Kraken to take them down in a hurry.

There are still a few more weapons coming along with the set but we will have to wait a couple more days to check them out. For now, take a look at some of the new firearms in action below.