E3 2016: What To Expect From Bethesda

Bethesda has seven developers under its umbrella, and at least that many games in the works, so they’ll have a lot to show this year. As the creators of the Dishonored, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series, as well as taking on big IPs like DOOM and Wolfenstein, there’s a lot to look forward to at Bethesda’s conference. With last year being their first E3 conference ever, and it being a huge hit, we’re excited to see them try to top it.

The games that will 100% be there and get shown on stage are Dishonored 2, Battlecry and The Elder Scrolls: Online. Dishonored 2 was announced at last year’s E3 and looked promising. All we really know right now is that you’ll be able to play as either Corvo, the original protagonist, or his daughter Emily, the girl you saved in the first game who has since acquired powers and that it’s set to come out on November 11 this year. It’s very possible that they will show gameplay of Corvo, which hasn’t been seen in Dishonored 2, more gameplay of Emily and her new powers, and maybe a story trailer to show players more of what they’ll be working towards in the game.

Battlecry is a weird one. It’s a third person, online, hero shooter with a quirky art style and lots of blood. People who’ve played it have said they weren’t that impressed and Bethesda has kept quiet on it since E3 last year. They’ll surely show some new stuff for it, though, and maybe a year’s worth of work has given Battlecry Studios a chance to make changes that will wow us.

With The Elder Scrolls: Online going from a subscription model to a $60 one time pay model, the MMO has grown in size drastically, but news as to new factions, missions and things of this nature has been lacking. It’s likely that Bethesda will announce something new for the ongoing world of Tamriel, and if they do, it will get a few stations on the show floor.

Where things really get interesting for fans of Bethesda is in the “new announcements” portion of the conference. Bethesda has the rights to DOOM and Wolfenstein, and id Software and Machine Games respectively have brought each of those franchises back to life. Both titles were well received, especially for them both being reboots and sequels to both could be in order. Wolfenstein: The New Order was released around this time back in 2014, so two years could be just enough time to have something ready for announcement. DOOM, on the other hand, just came out a few weeks ago, but the ending (spoilers?) left things wide open for a sequel.

The Evil Within could also be getting a sequel announcement. The survival horror title came out in 2014 with mixed to good reviews, but which had somewhat of a cult following. The Evil Within suffered in terms of story and a well-rounded protagonist, but the world that has been created by game director, Shinji Mikami, is ripe with opportunity and Tango Gameworks has likely been working on a new iteration in the series for some time now.

What will likely not be there is Elder Scrolls. Bethesda Game Studios works on Fallout and Elder Scrolls, switching off between the two. Fallout 4 just released last year and the latest story expansion, Far Harbor, just came out a couple weeks ago, so while a lot of the team had probably already started working on the next Elder Scrolls game, it’s unlikely that they’ll have anything to show. Especially since Bethesda doesn’t like to announce things until they’re almost done. Fallout 4 was announced at E3 last year, and came out six months later. They could have announced it a year before, but the surprise announcement made the hype train travel that much quicker. They’ll surely do that again with the next Elder Scrolls, so it won’t be for a couple of years until we see what’s next for the series.

With Bethesda’s huge lineup of IPs, it’s hard to find a gamer that isn’t excited for at least one of the new games from the publisher. The way they announce their games is also something that makes their E3 conference to look forward to, because whatever they announce will not be far off. Bethesda’s conference is scheduled for Sunday, June 12 at 7pm PST. Come to Hardcore Gamer for all of your E3 coverage starting June 12.


Update: With E3 right around the corner, leaks are happening all over, and for Bethesda, there’s been rumors of a Skyrim remaster for PS4 and Xbox One. Whether or not this is true is unknown, but look out for it at the Bethesda conference. There have also been rumblings about a Prey 2, so we’ll just have to see how it all pans out on Sunday.