New Image of Kojima Productions Mascot Ludens Surfaces

A new image of Ludens, the official mascot for Kojima Productions, has surfaced online, revealing more features behind the character’s appearance.

Kojima Productions

GameSpot received the image from Kojima Productions today (posted right), which includes the caption “I’ll keep coming” and Ludens’ face partially uncovered for the first time.

When GameSpot pressed Kojima Productions for more information on the new image, the Japanese developer responded by saying: “You can freely imagine whatever you see.”

In May, Kojima Productions founder and studio head Hideo Kojima posted the first full-sized image of Ludens, as well as saying that “We’ll deliver THE NEW PLAY in THE NEW FUTURE with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, & the frontier spirit.”

It is still unknown whether or not Ludens is a character in Kojima Productions’ unannounced title.

Kojima Productions, which Kojima independently founded in 2015 following the end of his 29-year stint with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain publisher Konami, entered into a partnership with Sony to create a console-exclusive title for PlayStation 4.

That title, however, will eventually make its way to PC sometime after releasing on PS4.