Epic Games Announce Paragon Essentials Edition

A physical edition to Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA Paragon — alongside the digital packages that are currently available on the game’s website — was announced today ahead of the expected launch of the game’s beta across PC & PS4 later this summer. The Essentials Edition is available now in retail stores and allows players to get in on the beta right now, similar to the game’s already-established Founder’s Pack which come in three tiers and can be purchased digitally.

The physical edition offers players instant Beta access, 6,000 Paragon Coins (which Epic claim is worth around $60 in real money) which can be spent on the game’s additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts and additional content, Five Hero Master Challenges, Five Skins & Five Rep Boosts which speed up how quickly players earn Rep, which can be spent on card packs, Master Challenges and more. The Essentials Edition us currently priced, in the US, at $59.99. You can read up on the Essentials Edition here, as well as viewing an accompanying launch trailer below.