Injustice 2 Outed By Leaked Poster

A promotional poster for Injustice 2 has shown up via Polygon, who received the photo along with word that the poster will be free to those who pre-order the game at GameStop.

The poster is simply titled Injustice 2, but with a tagline that reads, “Every battle defines you.” It has Batman with a Kryptonite-infused batsuit fighting against the Flash. The new game will likely continue the Injustice storyline that has been told through the first game, and an ongoing comic.

Injustice 2
Ed Boon, the founder of NetherRealm Studios and co-creator of Mortal Kombat, teased GameStop for the leak on Twitter. Check out his shenanigans below:

Look to Hardcore Gamer for more Injustice 2 information as E3 starts to ramp up.