Limited Run Games Clarifies June and July’s Release Schedule

May was a quiet month for Limited Run Games with only a single release in the form of Futuridium EP Deluxe.  Plans got a bit scrambled due to an issue with the Vita production of Xeodrifter, and Octodad: Dadliest Catch was cemented into its Father’s Day release so things went unexpectedly calm for a bit.  The next four games all have solid release dates at last, though, making for a busy month between 6/19 and 7/18 with four titles total, two of which are dual-platform-

Octodad:Dadliest Catch (PS4, 4500 copies, and Vita, 3500)- Sunday, Father’s Day, 6/19

Xeodrifter- (PS4 and Vita, 2300 copies apiece) 7/04

Lost Sea (PS4, 3000 copies)- 7/04

Soldner X2: Final Prototype (Vita, 3200 copies)- 7/18

The July 4th weekend sees the biggest push, with two separate games being released simultaneously.  From a sheer numbers perspective, though, Octodad beats them both thanks to the 8,000 copies between the two versions vs the 7,600 units moving 7/04.  It’s possible both Lost Sea and Soldner X2 might get a bump in the print run, but it’s a bit early to know for sure.  It seems pretty likely all of them will sell out day 1, though, thanks to some pending adjustments to the release cycle.  While previous releases have seen an even division between the stock in the morning and evening availability, LRG have noticed that morning clears out quick and evening tends to linger.  The 50/50 split isn’t a requirement, though, so the numbers are being tweaked to favor the morning rush, hopefully resulting in a more equal availability time for both events.  Whether the games sell slow or quick, though, they all sell out eventually, so mark your calendars and be ready for whichever sales window fits your schedule.  It’s going to be a busy month.