PAX West Badges Availaaaaand They’re Gone!

Well, it looks like badges for this year’s PAX West went up for sale today at approximately 1 PM Pacific today. This has been a long time coming as people were keeping a close eye on their launch.

Due to the popularity of the event, the PAX registration site is monitored closely by fans, and yes, a few scalpers, from around mid-April until badges launch. Notoriously quick to sell out, the actual date that these prized passes will become available is a closely guarded secret in hopes of everyone getting a fair shake. Should a burgeoning sociologist or psychologist wish to partake in a rather unique case study of patience combined with a slowly brewing mass hysteria, complete with its own jargon and lexicon, the message board for these folks is a fascinating place to explore.

PAX West 2016 1

I can’t laugh too hard. I’ve been them.

Not that the paranoia is unfunded. Less than an hour later, the official PAX Twitter page announced that supplies were extremely low; people in the online queue were not guaranteed to snag a pass. Met, of course, with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, those who missed out are now scattered amongst the various stages of grief. Anger, bargaining, and more are on full display. It might seem that I am making light, but I’ve been there. It feels like Christmas is canceled.

Of course, people who missed out on the ten minute or so window when badges for all four days were available might be tempted to go the Ebay route. They are already there. Taking this method is not advised, though. Remember, the tickets are not in hand. All that is being sold now is the promise of someone mailing the badges when they receive them. It is so far out, now, that the consumer protections Ebay has in place would no longer apply by the time shenanigans are called. The best advice is to keep an eye open. Reclaimed badges tend to go on sale a month or two later, if past experience is any indication. For those who failed to win the F5 Olympics, hope is not lost, my friends. (It’s how I got my badges last year.)