Review: Super Duper Party Pooper!

Anyone who has a career of any length in a form of journalism is going to get some crappy assignments.  This is one of those.  Due to irritating the boss, however, this assignment is crappy in the literal sense.  Super Duper Party Pooper! is the rhythm game follow up to There’s Poop in My Soup.  The game is a literal take on the title.  The objective is to ruin the party experience for many dancing individuals through the use of targeted power projectile pooping.

Andrew WK, as awesome as he is, seems to have rubbed the gaming community the wrong way recently since this is not the first game to come out recently that hates on partying.  2015’s Party Hard has a similar premise except that game was a serial killer simulator, which oddly enough seems more civilized.  Pooping on someone trying to have a good time just seems so disrespectful.  It also seems less plausible.  If a poll on the subject was to be conducted, most people who are rudely awakened by a loud party at 3:00 am are going to be filled with homicidal rage.  Only a select handful are going to test out if their sphincter can double as a shotgun and fire a shell of buttshot at the dancers.

As stated above, for some reason this is a rhythm game.  Why this is a rhythm game makes no sense.  At no point in my life can I recall going into a public bathroom and thinking that it ever sounded like someone was pooping to a metronome.  It would have probably played better if they went for an FPS (First Person S#*!!er) style of game; the marketing would write itself. Each level is a party that takes place at a different location and is divided into two sections.  The first section is the character is in front of a group of rather strange looking dancers.  Seriously, these people look like a homework assignment for an art class that was to draw a person whose parents were an ostrich and a bowling pin.  In the first half of each party, food is presented to the player in one of the screen corners.  Points awarded if eating the food is timed poofectly with when the platter pulsates. Each corner corresponds with one of the AQDE keys.  The amount of food eaten determines how much ammo is in the colon cannon, which is fired with the spacebar and trajectory is plotted with the use of the WASD keys.  The party that is being ruined must be intense, since all other party goers are unfazed by one of the other dancers being knocked to the ground by a random fecal missile.

Super Duper Party Pooper 1

Unleashing the fury of the cantankerous colon does not usually go as smoothly as one would hope.  This shouldn’t be too surprising since none of the dishes consumed appear to be especially high in fiber, nor does the character have a newspaper or smartphone to relax while trying to airmail his turds to the punch bowl.  Aiming the flying feces is not as intuitive as one would hope.  The platters do not necessarily pulsate in a way that makes sense with the music, it is more or less just remembering that after say four seconds hit the corresponding button to score points with eating the food.

Obviously with the title and premise, lowbrow juvenile humor is all that can be realistically expected, but the mechanics do not make for a fun gaming experience.  The gimmick of a game where the objective is to poop on people dancing can appeal to the sense of humor for many, but after those five seconds are up, the actual game is subpar.  There are many better rhythm games to choose from where having coprophilia is not a prerequisite for enjoyment.

Super Duper Party Pooper 2

Closing Comments:

Super Duper Party Pooper! might not be pure excrement, but it is not necessarily much better.  To contrast the game with an actual bowel movement, spending an extended period of time with either will cause one to feel hollow inside, as if a part of them is forever lost with that time that can never be recovered. The novelty factor of catapulting crap does give the title reason to be a conversation piece strictly on shock value.  It can also be amusing to share with friends for a very short while, but substandard game play provides no incentive to return.  Even with its low asking price it is hard to push out a recommendation for this party.

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