Destiny: Rise of Iron Details Leak Ahead of Reveal

A whole bunch of details were leaked today for Destiny’s next expansion, Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron was supposed to be revealed tomorrow during a livestream, but Bungie and Xbox appear to have jumped the gun. Neogaf user Moa found some interesting listings on Destiny’s official website and the Xbox Live Marketplace. Not only were a bunch of details leaked, but we also got a supposed release date.

As expected, Rise of Iron will add a new story campaign and quests. The wall guarding the southern border of Old Russia has collapsed, allowing Fallen mutants east access to the tombs of the Golden Age. There they have unearthed a plague more dangerous than they can understand. Join Lord Saladin, journey into the new Plaguelands Zone, learn the fate of the Iron Lords, and defeat the growing threat.

Rise of Iron will add a ton of new armor, gear, and weaponry that will allow players to reach the new increased Light Level cap. Expect a new Strike and Raid to play through, and a new zone (Plaguelands) and Social Space to run around in. Rise of Iron will also usher in a new faction with its own unique bosses to fight. Finally, expect to see a new Crucible mode and plenty of new maps.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is supposedly out September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One. It is unknown if the expansion will launch on PS3 and Xbox 360. Be sure to check out the Destiny reveal stream tomorrow, June 9 at 10am.