E3 2016: What to Expect from Ubisoft

Ubisoft conferences make me uncomfortable. They have great games to show off, but they put a lot of effort into making the show fun and entertaining. From awkward jokes to going out into the crowd to talk to incredibly nervous and shy people, Ubisoft conferences can just get cringeworthy sometimes. Nevertheless, they will have some of the biggest games to talk about, so I’ve forced myself to watch for many years now. But let’s get to the games.

As for games that have already launched, we’ll see updates from Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. With The Division, we may get a look at Underground, the next expansion for the game. It was recently leaked on a German Amazon site that the expansion is due out on June 28, so maybe the Ubisoft conference will shed light on what Underground will have agents doing. Other than going into the sewers, of course.

If two Tom Clancy games aren’t enough, chances are we’ll be seeing more of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the new third person shooter that has you taking out drug lords and other nefarious beings in a choose-your-own-path, co-op adventure. Wildlands was announced last year at E3, but since then there’s been virtually nothing. Some more gameplay, and some hands on experience would be greatly appreciated for this one.

Another game that went quiet after its E3 2015 announcement is South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The sequel to the critically acclaimed fantasy RPG will take a new turn, as the children of South Park, Colorado decide to change into their superhero and villain costumes. South Park: The Stick of Truth went through a rough development, with delays and a change of publisher, so hopefully now that it’s all settled, The Fractured But Whole will be a comparative breeze. Either way, we’ll see what they’ve been working on come next week.

For Honor will also get an update at this year’s show. It was also announced last year and was playable, but we didn’t get to see any viking gameplay. It was only knights and samurais. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, For Honor is a Dynasty Warriors/Bushido Blade crossover, but also online. When you fight AI characters, it is much like Dynasty Warriors in that you mow down enemies quickly, but then once you meet a human enemy, things turn Bushido Blade quickly. It’s all about blocking, parrying and getting the strike in. You will either play as vikings, knights, or samurais, with subclasses and weapons to choose from.

Probably the biggest new announcement from Ubisoft will be a sequel to Watch Dogs. While they’ve already revealed the logo and will have a bunch of information about the game coming out this week, E3 will be the place to really show it off. How far into development the game is is unknown, but depending on that, it could be on the show floor or at least shown to press behind closed doors. The rumors say that Watch Dogs 2 will be set in San Fransisco, a city not often portrayed in games, and that the protagonist will be a new one, which is good, since no one liked Aiden Pearce.

What’s unlikely to show up at the Ubisoft conference is Assassin’s Creed. The publisher is taking a break from the series, which had previously been annualized, to work on making the series better. While there won’t be any Assassin’s Creed games at E3, it is almost certain that the movie will make an appearance in some capacity. Whether that means just posters and “swag” advertising the film, or that they will actually talk about it on stage, we don’t know, but both seem likely. Rumors has it an Egyptian assassin will be the protagonist of the next eventual game in the series and will apparently take place long before any of the other games. The rumored title for the game is Assassin’s Creed: Empire.

Some smaller games that might make the cut are Anno 2025, Eagle Flight and Just Dance 2017. The first two have already been announced, but to see more of Anno‘s world building and more from Ubisoft’s first venture into VR through Eagle Flight would be great. Just Dance has been¬†annualized since 2014, so a new announcement is inevitable. We’ll have to see who the musical guest is this year.

While the interplay between announcers may be awkward, the games that Ubisoft will be talking about will be worth it. Their conference will be on Monday, June 13 at 1pm PST. If you can’t tune in, come to Hardcore Gamer for everything you missed.


Update: Since this article went live, Ubisoft has officially announced Watch Dogs 2. Expect to see tons more from us about the sequel in the week to come. Until then, here’s the Watch Dogs 2 reveal trailer.