WWE 2K17 Roster Reveal Set for E3

In just a few short days, WWE fans will learn some of the first few superstars to be included in the upcoming WWE 2K17. Last week we did find out Goldberg, former WCW/WWE wrestler, will be available to play as when pre-ordered. If you watch the game’s trailer carefully, you will see a hidden Easter egg which most likely confirms Brock Lesnar will also be featured.

However, during E3, WWE will be announcing several playable stars in a unique way. Rob Schamberger is an artist who specializes in creating works of art depicting some of the biggest names in wrestling. He will be at the 2K booth working on the unveiling project.

With superstar Xavier Woods as the host of his popular UpUpDownDown gaming channel, we would be shocked if he weren’t the cover athlete or at least the first to be announced! There are plenty of men and women we can speculate to see in WWE 2K17, but will have to wait for Rob and E3 to officially reveal the wrestlers.