E3 2016: What to Expect from Sony

With rumors of new hardware, big new games and some of the biggest advertisement partnerships, Sony has a lot to announce this year at E3. Maybe more than all the other guys. There’s already been some things stirring, but much of the conference will still be a mystery.

The biggest rumor is of course PlayStation Neo, or whatever its final name might be. The Neo is rumored to have an upgraded CPU and GPU, with more memory, 4K video output capabilities and will make PlayStation VR games run better. Rumors put the updated console at a 2016 release date, so E3 will have to be the place they announce it.

The next half of the conference will focus on VR (I’m exaggerating). Expect to see a lot of the PlayStation VR, though, as this is the time for them to prove to us, the target audience, why we need this system in our lives. So far, games like Golem, 100 Foot Robot Golf, Ace Combat 7, Rez Infinite and a Psychonauts game called In The Rhombus of Ruin are the only real games to be announced for PlayStation VR, so more on those, along with some new announcements could be exactly what PlayStation fans need. The headset is slated for an October release date, so maybe there will be some sort of bundle announced as well. PlayStation VR is a huge investment for Sony, so expect them to spend a large portion of the show talking it up and showing demos.

PlayStation VR

As for “regular” games, Sony has both a lot to announce, and a lot to give updates on. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy VII, No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian, Detroit: Become Human, Dreams; they all need updates and a couple still need release dates. There’s going to be a lot of ground to cover in 90 minutes, but hopefully Sony will have enough room to get all this in. And maybe a little more just for fun.

Horizon: Zero Dawn has been delayed into 2017, with a new release date of February 28. The last time we saw it was at PSX 2015, where we saw some new gameplay footage of the main character, Aloy, killing a huge robo-dino. A story trailer was revealed on Monday which hinted that Aloy’s past is riddled with mystery. Check that out below. We’ll probably see more from Horizon, though, as it is one of Sony’s newest franchises and people are dying for more.

Another big one will be Final Fantasy VII. We’ve only gotten two small looks at FFVII so far, so some more gameplay, and maybe a release date for episode one, would be welcome. This show could also be where we see The Last Guardian‘s release date and price, as well as Detroit: Become Human‘s and maybe even Dreams. There are a bunch of PlayStation exclusives and first party games in the lineup, but little is known about most of them, so expect at least some of them to leave with a birthday.

A few more games that will more than likely make the stage are Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2, and Psychonauts 2. While these probably won’t get as much time as the big guys, Sony will still give them a shoutout for being PlayStation exclusive.

Sony also has some of the biggest advertising deals in the industry. Call of Duty and Destiny will both get stage time at the Sony conference and both of them have a lot to talk about. Call of Duty will most likely announce the next Black Ops 3 map pack, as well as new information on Infinite Warfare. The folks working on Destiny will talk about their next big expansion, which has already had its title leaked: Rise of Iron. Bungie has been hinting at what this new story will entail and are having a Twitch stream on June 9 to explain more. While a lot of information will be relayed during their stream, they’ll surely have something to show at the conference.

And if all that is not enough, rumors have been running wild this past week in regards to what else might show up at Sony’s conference. A new God of War from Sony Santa Monica featuring a new protagonist and a new setting in Norse mythology has been all but confirmed. An even crazier prediction concocted by the PlayStation Nation is the possibility of a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game from Sucker Punch; the creators of Sly Cooper and InFamous. Since Sony Pictures has the rights to Spidey and Sucker Punch being a Sony owned studio, it could make sense, but Activision currently holds the rights to Spider-Man video games, so depending on whether that’s been worked out, it might be a long shot. Sony Bend’s game may finally get announced as well, which is rumored to be a zombie survival game called Dead Don’t Ride. Who knows if any of this is true, but luckily we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Naughty Dog, Sony’s biggest first party developer, has its own set of rumors. Uncharted 4 has been doing extremely well and the promise of story DLC was promised long before A Thief’s End was even released. Rumor has it we’ll see what story they are going to tell with it, and who we might be playing as. And with the studio being split into two teams, one working on the DLC, and the other on The Last of Us 2, people are also wondering whether we might get a teaser for what’s next for Naughty Dog’s more apocalyptic series.

With tons of games we know about already, along with tons of rumors, signs point towards a great conference from Sony this year. Their conference is on Monday, June 13 at 6pm PST. If you can’t make it, be sure to come back to Hardcore Gamer to catch up on all the good stuff.

P.S. – Expect little to nothing when it comes to the PlayStation Vita. While Sony hasn’t given up on the handheld entirely, they are focusing on games, their new console and their VR headset.


Update: It seems the rumors of Playstation Neo are true, as Andrew House revealed its existence in a talk with The Financial Times, but he also told them that Sony will not be unveiling the updated console at E3 this year. Instead, expect more time for games and PlayStation VR at their conference, which I guess we can’t complain about.