Forg1ven to Take an Indefinite Break from Origen because of…Overwatch

When it comes to the EU LCS it seems like Forg1ven is always part of the drama. Now he’s taking a break from League of Legends because Overwatch made him do it.

Though that may sound weird long story short Forg1ven is pretty much just burnt out of playing League. In his own words from his Facebook post update:

“After numerous talks we had i thought something needed to be changed and so i took the decision to take an indefinite break from League, since i was playing more Overwatch than the game i was being payed to play (combination of not having fun anymore to play the game for at least one and a half year and being introduced to another)…”

Crazy right? Only one week into the Summer Split and already Origen are looking at a tough time making a repeat trip to worlds. The main reason why Forg1ven is taking a break seems to be the major disappointments in the past and never getting a reward good enough. He claims that receiving individual achievements, “…having best ‘KDA’ doesnt mean sh** for me…” and he just needs break after all the time he’s put in.

So for now until he feels that it’s time to return Forg1ven will be doing an internship in physiotherapy.┬áIn the meantime, team owner and former player xPeke will be filling in at ADC.

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