New Cuphead Video Reveals Traditional Platforming Segments

Man, has it felt like there’s been a huge gap between now and the last time we had any new information about Cuphead. In fact, the last time was saw any new footage of it was at E3 2015, where we got a glimpse of even more of the game’s beautifully insane boss fights. Well, Cuphead is returning for E3 this year as well, and with a new addition in the form of some more traditional platforming gameplay to be included.

As seen in the video below, the old-school Fleischer-inspired run-and-gun game will now have some action-filled platforming segments reminiscent of Mega Man, Contra, or Gunstar Heroes in addition to the boss rush gameplay it previously showcased. We don’t have any word yet on how much of the game will consist of these parts, but whatever the ratio is, the game still looks quite astonishing. Developers Studio MDHR say that Cuphead is still on track for a 2016 release, and we’ll try and have more on the game’s new developments in our E3 coverage next week, so stay tuned.