Trailer for Action-Platformer Game ‘Olympia Rising’ Released

We all love modern games that look like they would fit right in on the NES or SNES. Nintendo has released a new trailer for Paleozoic‘s action-platformer, Olympia Rising. When checking out the footage, it resembles the action and gameplay of Castlevania mixed with the storyline and characters reminiscent of Hercules.

You take on the role of Iola, a highly skilled warrior who was killed by the Father of All Monsters. Iola was sent the depths of the Underworld to rest for eternity until she was awakened. Now, she journeys from the bottom all the way to the top of Mount Olympus to seek answers.

Along the way she fights against vile bats, giant birds, the petrifying Euryale, and more. There are also epic boss fights against a myriad of beasts. You will slash, jump, and combo attack your way through dangerous levels of varying terrain.

Watch the trailer below and get your hands on Olympia Rising for yourself available now for Wii U.